How to Write the Perfect Esthetician Instagram Bio

How to Write the Perfect Esthetician Instagram Bio

Jun 26, 2023

Instagram, boasting a staggering 2 billion monthly active users, has carved its place as an invaluable tool for businesses. When we consider that a whopping 62.3% of these users employ the platform for brand exploration, and 90% follow a business on Instagram, it becomes glaringly evident that it's a field we cannot ignore. For you, as an esthetician, this platform provides a golden opportunity to amplify your brand, reel in potential clients, and display your unique expertise. But to tap into Instagram's full power, it takes more than just your bio.

In this piece, we'll dig deep into crafting a compelling esthetician Instagram profile and bio. We'll unravel why your bio is an absolute game-changer, walk you through crucial tips for each section, and throw in some specially curated examples for a dash of inspiration. So, let's get right to it.

Profile picture

The first impression is everything, and on Instagram, your profile picture is your opening act. As an esthetician, the right choice of profile picture can set the stage by conveying both professionalism and approachability. Go for top-notch quality, welcoming picture of yourself - think along the lines of a well-lit selfie or a professionally taken headshot. Remember, you're the one your clients are entrusting with their skincare regimen, and showing your face right at the onset fosters that much-needed trust and credibility.

Steer clear of group photos or anything that could divert attention from your personal brand. And don't forget - your profile picture shrinks down to a tiny thumbnail, so it's crucial to pick an image that stays crisp and identifiable, even in miniature. By opting for a professional and appealing profile picture, you're laying the groundwork for your overall Instagram presence and setting yourself up for that all-important positive first impression.


The 'name' section of your Instagram bio is your secret weapon for discovery. Its strategic optimization for SEO and Instagram's search function can propel your visibility on the platform significantly.

When deciding on your Instagram name, including your real name is key. It adds a human touch and personalizes your brand from the outset. It's equally important to clearly label yourself as an esthetician, promptly establishing your professional identity. Adding keywords such as "Esthetician" or "Skincare Specialist" not only helps potential clients understand your line of work instantly but also boosts your chances of popping up in search results when users are on the hunt for local estheticians.

In addition to this, including your serving location can act as a client magnet, drawing in those specifically looking for estheticians in their area. For instance, using a name like "Tampa Esthetician" or "New York City Skincare Specialist" could prove highly effective.

By cleverly optimizing your name with the right keywords and location details, you elevate your chances of being found by potential clients on the hunt for a skincare specialist like yourself.

Bio ideas

Your bio is a golden opportunity to let your expertise sparkle and attract potential clients. Given the concise limit of 150 characters, mastering the art of drafting a brief, yet powerful bio is essential. This is your stage to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) and captivate any Instagram visitors.

This space is perfect for emphasizing your strengths and underlining how you help clients achieve their skincare dreams. If you have a niche or a unique service that distinguishes you, it's time to let it shine. For instance, you could hint at your expertise in anti-aging treatments, acne solutions, or personalized skincare protocols.

If you haven't featured your name earlier, ensure to include it in your bio - it aids users in forming a personal bond with your brand. The strategic use of emojis can sprinkle some personality and grab attention, but ensure they don't eat into the space reserved for vital details.

Also, it's worthwhile to consider weaving a call-to-action (CTA) into your bio if you have room. A compelling CTA can steer visitors to perform an action like 'follow for insider tips,' or 'book your appointment now.'

Crafting a compelling bio calls for strategic thought paired with creative flair. Invest time in brainstorming and experimenting with various versions until you hit that sweet spot of engaging content within the character constraints. Remember, your bio serves as a snapshot of your business and should leave visitors with a lingering impression.

Your esthetician Instagram bio checklist

The right links on your profile serve as vital signposts, directing interested viewers to relevant information and resources. The easier it is for potential clients to delve into your offerings and learn about your services, the better.

While it's surprising to see many profiles without any links, it's a gap that you should avoid. Even if you don't have your own website, it's crucial in today's digital era to maintain an online presence. If a website is not part of your current portfolio, ensure to provide a link to a third-party platform where viewers can readily make bookings or dig up more information about your services.

If you do have a website, this should always be your profile's primary link. It allows visitors to swiftly navigate to a space where they can delve deeper into your services, browse through your portfolio, or schedule an appointment.

With Instagram's latest update, you now have the capacity to add multiple links to your bio. However, tread carefully and avoid bombarding your audience with a multitude of options. If you've got several links to share, services like Linktree can be handy. Linktree lets you build a custom landing page with multiple links, offering viewers an easy-to-navigate gateway to different resources.

Always remember, your goal is to streamline the process for viewers to find the information they need and take the desired action. By offering clear and easy-to-access links, you not only enhance user experience but also up your chances of transforming potential clients into actual appointments.

Display buttons

Instagram's display buttons are a prime feature, offering a superb opportunity to optimize your profile and craft easy pathways for potential clients to engage with you. Acting as convenient shortcuts, these buttons boost engagement and simplify communication, making it a breeze for interested parties to take action.

The Contact button is one such indispensable tool. It provides a space to add your email, business phone number, business address, and WhatsApp business number. By giving this ease of access, you foster trust and make it seamless for interested clients to inquire about your services or request further information.

Then there's the Action button - another valuable asset. Instagram provides options like "Book Now," "Reserve," or a customizable lead form. By integrating this button, you can motivate viewers to take specific actions like booking an appointment directly. This streamlined method simplifies the process and heightens the chances of converting interested viewers into actual clients.

To further ease the connection process for potential clients, remember to switch on the "Display contact info" option within the "Profile Display" settings. This ensures that visitors can access your contact information without any hitches, as any barriers can potentially lose potential clients.

Bypass the common pitfall of neglecting display buttons. They're potent tools for boosting engagement and easing communication. Even if you lean towards a minimalist profile, make sure to include at least the contact or message button, allowing interested individuals to connect with you effortlessly.

Esthetician Instagram bio example 1

Highlight reels

Using highlight reels strategically can serve as a powerful tool, spotlighting critical information front and center. Think of highlight reels as your curated collection of stories featured on your profile, allowing you to emphasize select aspects of your esthetician business.

As an esthetician, highlight reels can supercharge your profile's efficacy in several ways. Think about featuring glowing 5-star reviews from happy clients to build social proof and cement your credibility. Spotlight your policies, like appointment booking methods or cancellation protocols, to set clear expectations for potential clients. Include a price list or service menu to ensure transparency about what you offer. FAQs can preemptively tackle common queries, saving you time responding to individual messages. Finally, consider dedicating a reel to product recommendations, showcasing the skincare or beauty products you endorse and provide.

By leveraging highlight reels, you can ensure visitors find crucial information rapidly. These visually striking and interactive stories offer an engaging medium to present key details about your business and kindle interest in your services.

Remember to keep your highlight reels neatly organized and clearly labeled. Utilize descriptive titles or cover images to guide viewers and simplify their navigation through different reels. Consistent design and branding across your highlight reels will exude a cohesive and professional appearance.

Esthetician highlight reels examples

To wrap it up, sculpting the perfect Instagram profile is a key step in harnessing the strength of social media for your esthetician business. Given the vast proportion of users following and investigating brands on Instagram, it's clear that this platform offers huge prospects for business expansion.

A blend of a professional profile picture, a concise and captivating bio, strategically selected links, and the smart use of highlight reels and display buttons should be the ingredients of your success recipe.

Remember, your Instagram is a reflection of your brand. By employing the tips and strategies, you can build a compelling and effective Instagram profile that pulls the right audience, boosts engagement, and ultimately leads to more bookings and business growth. 

And if you still need more inspiration, dive into our examples below ↓

Esthetician Instagram bio example 2
Esthetician Instagram bio example 3
Esthetician Instagram bio example 4

*Instagram stats from Sprout Social


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