The Best Esthetician Hashtags for 2024

The Best Esthetician Hashtags for 2024

Sep 12, 2023

In the world of social media, hashtags aren't just add-ons; they're pivotal tools for estheticians aiming to elevate their brand presence. More than mere categorizers, the right hashtags act as bridges, linking you to a global audience eager to discover your expertise and services.

In this guide, we’ll unlock the secrets behind effective hashtag use for estheticians. From understanding the various types of hashtags to the nuances of using them strategically, we’ve got you covered. We'll spotlight the top esthetician hashtags, delve into common missteps to avoid, and offer insights to ensure your brand doesn't just blend in but stands out.

It’s time to make hashtags work for your esthetics business- Let’s dive in.

Why hashtags matter for estheticians

For estheticians, every touchpoint with potential clients is vital, and hashtags should serve as part of your strategic toolkit to elevate your online presence. Let’s take a look at how they play a role in your strategy:

Visibility & reach - Amidst the countless skincare and beauty posts, hashtags act as anchors, helping you to ensure your content reaches the audience you intend.

Precision targeting - Your hashtag choices matter. A carefully chosen set of tags can connect you with an audience that’s genuinely interested and engaged with what you have to offer.

Engagement catalyst - Hashtags aren't just descriptors; they knit together online communities. They ignite conversations and foster engagement, bringing individuals together over shared passions and interests.

Branding & niche positioning - Consistent use of particular niche hashtags helps you to stake your claim, allowing your brand to become synonymous with certain tags, and reinforcing brand recognition.

It’s important to remember that hashtags shouldn’t be an afterthought and should be used with intention. As with every treatment or consultation in your clinic, it’s all about making meaningful connections. 

Esthetician hashtags for 2024

Types of hashtags for estheticians

The world of hashtags can be overwhelming, but knowing the different types of tags suitable for estheticians can help convey your message more effectively. We’ve broken these down into five categories to help when it comes to your next post:

General beauty & skincare hashtags - These are your broad-range hashtags that cater to the entire community. For example #skincare, #skincareroutine, #skin. These are what we would classify as a ‘mass’ hashtags and are great for extending your reach. Although, their widespread use can make it harder to stand out and reach your ideal audience. These are best used in conjunction with more niche hashtags.

Niche-specific hashtags - As an esthetician, you might specialize in certain treatments or conditions. Tags like #acnesolutions or #antiagingtreatments let you zone in on a specific group of the skincare community, connecting you with those who are actively seeking your expertise.

Location-based hashtags - Geographical hashtags are invaluable, especially if you’re based in a specific city or state. Using hashtags such as #NYCesthetician or #tampaesthetician not only boosts local clientele and engagement but also opens opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with nearby businesses and events.

Branded & unique hashtags - These are unique to your business. Think #janeskin, #skinbyjane, or #facialsbyjane. These work wonders to foster brand loyalty and provide a curated space for your clients to share their post-facial glow; making it easier for potential clients to discover your work.

Event hashtags - Are you hosting a special event or attending an industry conference? Specific hashtags like #estheticianconference2023 or #skinbyjanelive2023 allow your audience to follow along, engage, and share their own experiences.

It's essential to constantly evaluate and adapt your hashtag strategy. Keeping an eye on emerging trends while staying true to your brand will ensure you connect with both loyal clients and new faces.

5 top tips on using hashtags effectively

Not all hashtags are created equal, so to ensure your hashtags serve your esthetics business effectively, here are our top tips you should consider:

Strike a balance - Broad hashtags might promise reach, but over-relying on them can cause your post to get lost among the crowd. Compliment these hashtags with niche-specific ones for a balanced approach.

Engage, don't just post - Make sure to frequently engage under relevant hashtags. This proactive approach will not only boost your visibility but help you to create genuine connections among the community. 

Hashtags health - Regularly assess your hashtags to keep them fresh and relevant. Make sure to track performance and adapt based on what’s resonating with your audience. 

Less is more - While it might be tempting to flood your post with hashtags, platforms like Instagram, only recommend using 3-5. Relevance is key here! Plus, using too many these days can make your post look spammy. 

Stay in the loop - Hashtag trends change. Keep your fingers on the pulse and tweak your strategy accordingly.

The importance of a hashtag doesn’t lie in its popularity but in its relevance. So, choose wisely every time.

Top-used skin and facial-related hashtags for estheticians

The best esthetician hashtags for 2024

Top used

  1. #skin
  2. #facial
  3. #glowingskin
  4. #healthyskin
  5. #facials
  6. #clearskin
  7. #skinhealth
  8. #facialtreatment
  9. #darkskin
  10. #beautifulskin
  11. #brownskin
  12. #dryskin
  13. #brownskingirls
  14. #flawlessskin
  15. #skintreatment
  16. #sensitiveskin
  17. #skintightening
  18. #facialwash
  19. #skinglow
  20. #skinrejuvenation
  21. #lightskin
  22. #oilyskin
  23. #skinroutine
  24. #botoxfacial
  25. #paleskin
  26. #facialmassage
  27. #skinclinic
  28. #facialhair
  29. #skinwhitening
  30. #facialcare
  31. #facialmask
  32. #skintherapist
  33. #facialspa
  34. #skintreatments
  35. #facialskincare
  36. #skinproducts
  37. #facialrejuvenation
  38. #facialaesthetics
  39. #facialserum
  40. #skinspecialist

Top searched

  1. #skincancer
  2. #skinlesions
  3. #facialnearme
  4. #skincare
  5. #skintags
  6. #skintag
  7. #skin
  8. #skintagremoval
  9. #skinmask
  10. #skinrash
  11. #skinrashes
  12. #facial
  13. #facialiste
  14. #facialmasks
  15. #facialhydra
  16. #facialscars
  17. #lightskin
  18. #skincarerutin
  19. #skincareroutine
  20. #facialeczema
  21. #skindiamond
  22. #skininfection
  23. #skininfections
  24. #skincarepro
  25. #facialwash
  26. #facialmoisturizer
  27. #skinbetterscience
  28. #facialsteamer
  29. #facialspa
  30. #brownskingirls
  31. #facialcleanser
  32. #facialcleansing
  33. #faciallifting
  34. #dryskin
  35. #facialmassage
  36. #skindiscoloration
  37. #skintone
  38. #skindiseases
  39. #skindisorder
  40. #facialyoga


  1. #facialmasks
  2. #facialmask
  3. #facialsformen
  4. #facialformen
  5. #facialmen
  6. #skinpeel
  7. #skinpeels
  8. #skinpeeling
  9. #skinrash
  10. #skinrashes
  11. #facialguasha
  12. #skinlightening
  13. #skinusa
  14. #skinwhitening
  15. #skintreatment
  16. #skintreatments
  17. #facialextrations
  18. #facialextration
  19. #skincancer
  20. #skincaretreatment
  21. skincaretreatments
  22. #facialtreatments
  23. #skinallergies
  24. #facialmassage
  25. #skinbreakout
  26. #facialrejuvenation
  27. #skinbrightening
  28. #facialporecleanser
  29. #skinallergy
  30. #beautifulskin
Top searched skin and facial-related hashtags for estheticians

Common mistakes to avoid

Understanding hashtag best practices is invaluable, but recognizing and avoiding common pitfalls can be equally advantageous. While many estheticians are keen to leverage the power of hashtags, we often see these common mistakes hinder performance.

First and foremost is the trap of over-reliance on a single hashtag. While consistency is key in branding, repetitively using the same tag can reduce its impact. Instead of cementing your identity, you might just fade into the background.

Misalignment is another area of concern. The allure of a trending hashtag can be strong, but if it doesn't align with your post or brand, it could end up confusing your audience. The focus should always be on relevance rather than popularity.

Speaking of popularity, solely banking on the most popular tags can have your content lost among the crowd. It’s essential to sprinkle in some niche hashtags into your strategy, to ensure you strike the right balance between reach and engagement.

Lastly, you cannot underestimate localized tags. For estheticians with clinics, overlooking your local hashtag is a missed opportunity. These tags are not just about reaching potential clients, but about anchoring your presence in a community.

There is no denying that hashtags offer a world of opportunities for estheticians wanting to grow their business online. While it's essential to understand the various types of hashtags and the importance they hold, it's equally as important to be aware of best practices and common pitfalls you can easily avoid. From the broader skincare tags to the more specific and niche ones, there's an art to curating the perfect hashtag strategy that resonates with your desired audience.

In this guide, we’ve spotlighted an array of top-searched, widely-used, and trending esthetician and skin-related hashtags suitable for your own content. From #skincare to #acne and #co2laser to #facialpeel, you can be sure you’re equipped to optimize your hashtags strategy to its fullest potential.

However, it’s paramount to remember that the true power of hashtags is not just in their reach but their resonance. Street clear of the temptation of a hashtag’s widespread appeal if it doesn’t align with your brand and offering. As you finetune your approach, let the insights shared in this guide serve as foundational pillars. Prioritize authenticity and relevance, and let that lay the groundwork for genuine engagement.


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